About Strenduro

How It All Started and Why

How Strenduro Was Born

The concept for the initial Strenduro product, Formula 335 (now Formula 456), came about in August of 2020 when Clean Energy Foods was born. The founder is a rower, and during socially-distanced erging alone in the garage, he was looking for ways to improve his own strength, endurance, and recovery.

Online-remote Freshman Biotechnology class gave him added reason to begin reading the current knowledge in the field of muscle science. In the coming year, there would be an assignment to do a literature-supported review and research proposal for the Sophomore Biotechnology class (link below). 

The topic tackled something that everybody knows is true but can’t easily explain: Why do working muscles grow? Sideline to that: How do they develop strength and recover from damage? Particularly: Would there be a way to help cardiac muscle in heart attack recovery with athletic ergogenic aides? How to test that idea scientifically? Answers to these questions were not actually worked out in the lab because the assignment was merely a simple literature-supported research proposal, but ultimately several quality dietary ingredients were revealed in this review.

When his teammates returned to the boathouse that summer, he found that some were taking Beta-Alanine but not Creatine, Creatine but not Beta-Alanine, and nobody was taking HMB but him, getting work recovery with the mass-market Ensure® beverage. The Founder started to evangelize HMB as an important complementary ingredient to the other two.

He realized that taking tablets or capsules for around 15 grams of ingredients was inconvenient without just proceeding to mix them in liquid. The number one concern about juggling all these powders: the time-cost of carefully weighing each one every day (and possible skipping which is not helpful). The next biggest issue: the taste bitterness of Calcium HMB. Could it be overcome? A business need had been identified: Offer reliable measurement and convenience, plus find a way to ameliorate the off-flavor at a fair price, and endurance athletes would try it.

But why this formulation? The Sophomore review article outlines the progressive awareness that scientists were developing in a timeline from the late 1950s and into the 1990s. They were determining the biochemical mechanisms at work in what they call muscle protein economy. It became clear that muscles repair and grow under a feedback mechanism of their own breakdown

In essence all mammalian muscles contain a large amount of the amino acid Leucine, and when it is freed from protein strands by mechanical work-related damage, individual amino acids are recycled as the proteins are degraded by normal processes. The resulting free amino acids are recycled, and some, like abundant Leucine, are broken down further. The breakdown products themselves (metabolites) act as a signal to tell the muscle cell machinery to begin repair and to halt further breakdown. This is the current state of scientific understanding.

The key metabolite of Leucine is called HMB and it is important to all kinds of living things: agricultural animals, burn victims, elderly patients, and athletes. It is the molecule prominently displayed in the Strenduro logo. It’s importance in generating repair and recovery cannot be overstated. Coupled with the phosphate-scavenging acid management offered by products of Beta-Alanine and Creatine, the strength and endurance athletic trifecta is won.

This is why we make it a point to say that Strenduro is all about Leucine Support AND Phosphate Management. We hope your Strenduro supplementation is a success!

An Exclusive Formulation

3 powerful ingredients that can make the difference in your training and achievements.


Recovery is made simple. daily.

Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) support begins with Leucine and ends with HMB.

Research has shown that HMB supports recovery. 


gets in, makes carnosine happen.

Working muscle breaks down ATP. This process makes acid (the sizzle). The only way to manage acid is to pick up ATP breakdown products. Muscles rely on Carnosine to scavenge those breakdown products and control the sizzle.

Creatine Monohydrate

the most researched compound ever.

Creatine Monohydrate has been researched for athletic performance since the 1970s. 

Like Carnosine, Creatine scavenges ATP breakdown products and helps control the sizzle.

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