myHMB® Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate (HMB)

BCAA Leucine Support Recovery Metabolite

our cornerstone of recovery

The founder of Strenduro (Clean Energy Foods) was pleased to find that a high-quality HMB powder was available for formulation. Not only was this molecule an important piece of an academic puzzle that few people seemed to be able to discuss (how does a muscle tell itself to adapt to work?) but knowing about it had real-world practicality. As a rower, the founder was always putting out a lot of muscular effort 6 days per week, and 7 days per week he was sore and damaged, in need of rest and recovery.

Even before his original Sophomore Paper, he discovered a product with HMB that was well-reviewed and tried it. Using it, he noticed changes to his own recovery in just a few short days. The key ingredient was myHMB® brand of Calcium Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate. myHMB is now part of an upgraded stack in Strenduro. See what it can do for you!



For over 200 years, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has been an independent scientific organization that focuses on building trust in safe pure medicines, dietary supplements, and food ingredients. The public quality standards USP sets helps to protect consumers and improve the health of people around the world. USP Verified means the quality and reliability of the manufacturing process and the lot purity of the ingredient myHMB® is recognized from the participating manufacturer TSI. (See link in Verified logo)

Informed Sport (at is a global testing and certification program for sports and nutritional supplements. It has been a key referee in identifying ingredients adulterated and contaminated by banned substances. myHMB® has been certified to contain no banned substances by Informed Sport and is the only HMB on the market that has been approved as an Informed Ingredient. (See link in Informed logo)

Some Small Amount of HMB Research

THE Other Ingredients


gets in, makes carnosine happen.

Working muscle breaks down ATP. This process makes acid (the sizzle). The only way to manage acid is to pick up and re-use ATP breakdown products. Muscles rely on Carnosine to scavenge those breakdown products and control the sizzle. Beta-Alanine makes Carnosine happen.

Creatine Monohydrate

the most researched ENDURANCE compound.

Creatine Monohydrate has been researched for athletic performance since the 1970s. Like Carnosine, Creatine scavenges ATP breakdown products and helps control the sizzle. Together, these two biochemicals cover the muscle cell compartments, manage pH and elevate ATP in work.

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